USA Patented Twin Tiltable Saddle Stool with Adjustable Seat Width and Center Gap

USA Patented Twin Tiltable Saddle Stool with Adjustable Seat Width and Center Gap

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Kanewell's Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool is designed for topnotch comfort. This elegant piece of saddle stool boasts adjustable width and sitting angle which can be set to your preferred settings making it ideal for offices, elevated counters, high desks, and other settings requiring users to be in close contact with their workstation. Dentists, dental hygienists, tattoo artists, surgeons, veterinary doctors, beauticians, nail technicians, and other professionals will find this swivel stool a useful asset in carrying out tasks that once presented challenges to them. Thanks to upgraded ergonomics and feedback of the twin adjustable saddle stool, users are in for enhanced user experience. Set miles ahead of conventional seats, this swivel seat promises a more upright seating posture and wider mobility capabilities for smoother, more fluid workplace mobility, which translates to higher productivity. Patented in the USA, this seat comes with a slimmer profile than alternatives, a feature which makes possible, a customized fit that would prove to be of great relief to people with thick thighs, as the seat has been designed to reduce impact on the pressure points and to promote better air circulation in times of heavy workload. Another property that sets this stool further apart from the competition is the thicker polyurethane padded seat which provides more comfort for users whose body contours are out of sync with the stool's contour style. The cushioned seat is firm and more forgiving on the pelvic region due to a seat tilt which enables users to seat at their workstations for extended periods. Both halves of the separated seat allow for a measure of adjustability, splaying, and downward tilt which are all adjustable to your preferences when the need arises. The saddle seat is available in 3 models with variations in height adjustment to enable users of different statures to make a choice that best suits their professional needs.

  • Split Saddle chairs help user to work and sit without destroying the natural alignment of their spines. Patented split seat reduces pressure on the tailbone and enhances male and female genital health
  • Unique Buttery-soft oil and water-resistant 100% PU leather makes cleaning the seat an easy affair
  • Rugged steel seat plate wrapped in premium quality contoured foam. Offers patented seat with adjustable width and center gap for a personalized fit
  • Forward Seat Tilt lets you adjust posture angle for more comfort. Pneumatic cylinder regulates seat height: You can select between short, medium, or tall height variants
  • 22-inch diameter chrome steel bottom. This chair has a 250-pound bodyweight capacity

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