Nook Sleep Pebble Full Mattress, Cloud

Nook Sleep Pebble Full Mattress, Cloud

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All of us here at Nook know our Nook Babies will one day be Nook Kids. So if your little Nookster started on the Pebble- lets keep it rolling. We believe this will make the transition from the crib to the big kid bed so much easier. First time on the Pebble? Netter late then never. But don\'t worry- your kiddo isn\'t the only one who can get a great night\'s sleep on a Nook mattress. The Pebble Twin Mattress is ideal for big kids, college students and your overnight visitors.
Features : 54' x 74' x 6' 43lbs*Developed with a growing body in mind, the Nook Pebble Full is free of inner-springs and ideal for a child\'s developing spine. 5' of Non-toxic Foam and 1' of a Natural Latex Topper, the mattress comes bed-ready with an Pebble Wrap made of Organic Cotton and Eucalyptus*Natural Water-Resistance from the patented Nano-technology, the organic Pebble Wrap fibers keep liquids from absorbing into the mattress cover. Cover is removable and machine washable.*Nook is a toxic chemical-free zone. We use a certified non-toxic fire barrier produced without dangerous and harsh chemicals.*Ships compressed and rolled for easy transport. Simply allow 24-48 hours for the mattress to expand and its ready to go
Color : Cloud
Size : Full

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