Rustic Industrial Pipe 4 Hook Coat Rack by Pipe Decor Heavy Duty DIY Style, Wall Mounted Kit, Modern Chic Industrial Steel Grey, Commercial Grade Metal

Rustic Industrial Pipe 4 Hook Coat Rack by Pipe Decor Heavy Duty DIY Style, Wall Mounted Kit, Modern Chic Industrial Steel Grey, Commercial Grade Metal

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Pipe Décor was founded by LDR Industries, a leading supplier of high quality kitchen, bath, plumbing and related products in the home improvement sector. Realizing that retail stores were quickly selling out of basic pieces, like flanges, the idea of Pipe Décor was born: an idea to help hobbyists find the products they need for their do-it-yourself, Pinterest inspired projects. With the rise of Pinterest and do-it-yourself projects, Pipe Décor is a way to showcase your creativity all while creating functional and visually aesthetic pieces that last. At Pipe Décor we're about the community; we're a channel where people can gauge new ideas, hear other people's stories, and learn about what items are available to create. Here at Pipe Décor we're modernizing pipes and using traditional materials in new innovative ways. We can't wait for you to join us on our journey!

  • BRING THE FARMHOUSE LOOK INTO YOUR HOME with Pipe Décor. This complete set adds a high quality, handmade aesthetic to any room. Give your space a quick makeover and treat your visitors to your sense of style and attention to detail without the cost of a large remodel. Or complement your existing decorations with this versatile do it yourself design that will make you proud of your space. Includes everything you need to assemble and mount one 4-hook coat rack.
  • DELIGHT GUESTS AND BUILD FUNCTIONAL CONTEMPORARY FLAIR. Your room is sure to be a topic of conversation with this trending and stylish decoration. Pipe Décor combined with a little creativity can go a long way to update your space without breaking the bank. Constructed from extremely sturdy and durable material, Pipe Décor looks great without sacrificing functionality. Express your ingenuity and decorate with Pipe Décor.
  • COMPLETE COAT RACK KIT is Perfect for That DIY Pipe Project that you were planning but never got around to because of the hassle involved in finding all the right pieces; this kit comes with everything you need to assemble the hooks, plus step-by-step illustrated instructions to make it even easier and comprehensive sheet detailing several cleaning and sealing methods.
  • MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE PIPE FITTINGS. You will know Pipe Décor parts and accessories when you hold them. Beauty and beast. Strength and fashion. This is real industrial pipe finished for your decoration and designs. Accept no substitutes. Extra pieces and accessories are available for your custom fixture projects and expansions. Plug and play as desired. Limited warranty. Manufacturer part number 360 KITCOAT4.
  • PIPE IS STANDARD INDUSTRIAL STEEL GREY; materials and threads constructed from sturdy malleable iron; meets ASME and ASTM standards; cleaning and sealing required prior to use. Included parts: (4) ½-inch flange; (4) ½-inch 45o street elbow; (4) ½-inch cap (4) ½-inch close connector; Installation fasteners included; simple step by step illustrated instructions. Dimensions: 28.5" L X 4" H X 4.5" D Tested for durability.

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