Mozaic Futon Mattress, Full, Suede Black

Mozaic Futon Mattress, Full, Suede Black

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Brand : Mozaic

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A good night’s rest waits for you. This futon mattress comes in many colors, so you can choose the style that suits your home. With it being soft and comfortable, it makes for a great experience and resting place for guests in your home. This dual memory futon mattress features two one-inch layers of viscos memory foam with cotton-wrapped foam construction, giving you a longer mattress life and plush comfort. It is then encased in a durable polyester suede like fabric cover, and is lace tufted through for a clean, finished ‘sofa-like’ look. The comfortable design can easily fold for sofa or bed positions, and is perfect for futon and platform bed frames. It ships vacuum packed bagging inside a box. Please allow several days for the mattress to return to its Full Loft and for the wrinkles in the polyester cover to smooth out. The frame is not included.

  • Full Size Mattress
  • Made of Polyester and Gel Foam; Futon frame not included
  • Made in the USA
  • Futon mattress ships vacuum packed; allow several days for mattress to expand to its complete size
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean with cold water and mild detergent; Reversible for extended wear

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