IDS Online Faux Leather Office Desk Swivel Chair, White

IDS Online Faux Leather Office Desk Swivel Chair, White

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Mid - Back Executive mid-back chair features a PU Leather brown chair. Cooling Material seat up straight designed back for the natural curvature of a person’s back. Sponge Seat Covered with PU Leather The sponge padded chair will give you the feel of comfort. It give you the comfortableness and mid back support that you need to complete a day’s work. Adjustable Height The Height adjustable chair quickly adjusts to fit. Independent Seat Controls allows for the backrest and seat to be adjustable specifically to each individual providing maximum support and comfort. High quality metal base Beautiful and stable metallic sliver painted metal base. 360 degree swivel dual wheel casters is rolling smoothly on floor. The latest ergonomically designed IDS Home Office Desk Chair is the refurbished version of the legendary Fiberglass Chairs that gained a significant popularity. Sitting for hours without feeling a bit tired has never been a reality before this new IDS Office Desk Chair has come to the market. Whether you like to lean back curvedly or take a good nap, this heavy durable and long-lasting aluminum coated chair will go a long way to offering you relaxing days and nights. And the contemporary design with polypropylene makes the chair much vigorous against scratches and dirt. The chair distinguishes itself with some amazing features! Most of the newer chairs come with a substantial variety of colors and upholstery with freely combine components to create the perfect chair for your everyday needs. But what this new IDS chair does is even remarkable. Compact with back and forth chair extensions, the flexible leather is quite stretchy, allowing anyone to seat freely and comfortably. The sponge padded chair also comes with many configuration options, thus providing you chances to change and mix the components to your hearts’ desire. Plus, the base is non-upholstered, so you don’t need to worry getting hurt if the chair ever gets broken. The chair height is also adjustable, so you can fit the appropriate height. Furthermore, the chair is adapted to various degrees of temperature and therefore, it can resist both high as well as low temperature or even climatic hazards such as, rain, windy breeze, snows etc. It blends with your vicinity miraculously! While dialing back to the original Fiberglass chairs, they were authentic yes, but looked very odd when you decorated your house with those. But the new IDS chairs with chrome legged waterproof leather and coated in white are a wonder to look at. With a cushioned base and an expanded plastic side arms, you can bring your friends and relatives and gossip all along and also, move aside with its all-new 3600 rotation facility along with swivel dual-wheeling casters. Moreover, the high quality stable metallic silver provides a glittering color, blending it with your house in the best way. Place it in your garden or your guest room and yet, it shows the same gorgeous look. Stop deciding and just get to buy the fabulous desk chair set! Do you want a chair with a maximum flexible capacity combined with distinct colors and repellant to temperature and dirt, a durable robust cover with adjustable height and full 3600 rotation capability? Then this IDS MLM-18639-W Office Desk Chair is the perfect set that will fill your heart’s desire. With a dimension of 33L x 20.5B x 22.5W inches and a weight of 22 pounds with a shipping facility, it’s very easy to dislocate from one room to another while giving you plenty of space to seat and relax. So, stop deciding and just order this epic desk chair set now!

  • 360 degree swivel: we have designed a 360-degree multi-directional swivel wheel that can move smoothly on floor, carpet, and tile
  • Elegant design: White Leather presents elegance of product choice and make office room more modern
  • Height adjustable quickly adjusts to fit. Independent Seat controls allows for the backrest and Seat to be adjustable specifically to each Individual providing
  • Supportive Low Back with 5 wheels casters in hold 265-pound maximum weight
  • Complete 3600 swiveling capacity: the New 3600 multi-directional rotatory wheels Bring a New dynamic motion to smoothly more to and fro
  • Ergonomically designed with a high Quality robust framework and aluminum coated Leather materials, perfect for repelling dusts and climatic hazards.
  • Flexible and adjustable Height allows you to fit it the Way you want.
  • A maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds with a supportive 5 wheeler casters
  • Warranty: free return and replacement within 30 days; after 30 days' free replacement parts