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Since antiquity, chairs have been there, not merely as furniture but as a symbol of authority, state, and dignity. It was called the throne. The throne has a direct association with status. It represents a place of honor and the tradition persists even today. During the olden days, the monarch used to sit on an elevated perch from where he used to look down on his or her subjects. Chairs were in existence since the time of Egypt. During that period they were covered with leather and clothes. In ancient Egypt, chairs used to symbolize great richness and splendor.

We often tend to ignore the chairs and use them as mere objects to fill the room. We spend most of our time sitting. The kind of chair we use primarily affects our posture. If the recliner chair in your office cabin does not provide you ultimate comfort, the malaise will be reflected in your performance. There is a fantastic collection of Rocker & Recliner Chair available in the market that are designed primarily to suit your individual needs and size so as to ensure that you remain duly at ease as you sit or you move in and move out of your recliner chair.

For ergonomic purposes, there is a wide range of adjustable chairs so that you can enjoy reclining when you have to stay tethered to the chair for extended hours. The chair at your little munchkin's study table must provide absolute comfort so as to help him concentrate on his studies while studying for more extended periods. Some of the factors that contribute to determining the comfort level a chair provides are the arm-rest, a high back, reclining feature, dense seat pan, and lumbar support. The furniture companies sell chairs that are designed to deliver comfort consistently and stand out as an epitome of perfection. The upholstery is made of polyester, and the thick, cozy cushion ensures that the chair is ideal and reliable for your home as well as your workplace.