Add soft and versatile seating to your home with stylish Futons.

If you like having guests over or just spend a lot of time watching TV, then you will know just how essential it is to have a comfortable Bedroom Futon. A futon gives your bedroom a more relaxed atmosphere, and when it is comfortable, it can be quite challenging to want to get up from it.

If you have friends who stay over at your place quite a lot, then futons can be great for you, futons are loungers which can transform into a bed. Although you may be thinking that it is a sofa-cum-bed, the two are not the same. A futon is not considered to be a conventional bedroom piece, so if you describe your style as eclectic, this is the furniture that you need.

With a futon, you can utilize your space wisely. A futon occupies minimal space when it has been converted into a lounger; however, when it is time to head to bed, it can be converted into a bed easily. Whether used as a lounger or a bed, the thick mattresses that futons have to make them quite comfortable; you do not have to compromise on any aspect of your furniture.

Our ranges of futon include some new styles from the Futon Frame and Mattress Set which you will not be able to stop yourself from buying. They are durable and sturdy, and the best part is that it does not take long for you to change the form of a futon to a bed.