Traditional Living Room Design - Of Grace And Formality

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Usually, when we think of traditional living room designs, we associate it with manors, large house, hotels, and palaces. However, that isn’t the case anymore - today, even regular households can have traditional living room designs. They bring a graceful and formal effect to the house. Many people living in modern high-rise apartments have installed traditional living room furniture. Below are some decorating tips for traditional living rooms, to help you get started:

Bridge the Design Gap

If you think that modern living rooms cannot be decorated in a traditional style, you need to think again. Adding some conventional touches adds a sense of charm and warmth, which is often missing from contemporary styles. You might not want to have ideal traditional settings, but you can always blend sleek sophistication with traditional grace. For instance, bridge the gap by picking traditional living room furniture in fresh colours such as blue and sage, grey, which will match the room’s modern architectural features. Select from the rich, warm palette - gold and deep green, burgundy - which are common in traditional style decorating. You can combine these with modern artwork such as metal wall art. Another way to go is by hanging traditional oil paintings in metal, sleek frames which seamlessly combine the two decorating styles. Incorporating traditional furniture with modern architecture will help you create an attractive eclectic and comfortable look for your house.

traditional living room furniture

Traditional Furniture Styles

Don’t go for ornately decorated furniture - choose simpler pieces which will beautifully blend your modern home with traditional decorative settings. Use opulent fabrics in combination with a clean line to incorporate the best of both worlds. Use smaller pieces to make your apartment look more spacious and sleek. You can accessorize the sofa with a few throw pillows to combine style and comfort. The most popular traditional look is having dark coloured wood flooring and matching furniture. Opt for sheen fabrics for our chair and sofa upholstery. You can emphasize your living room’s colour by repeatedly using the patterns and colours on upholsteries and drapes. Using correct fabric and colour palette helps in illuminating and accentuating the room. Ensure that you make the designs more elegant and not redundant.

Traditional style furniture is usually big on symmetry. Traditional living room sets include matching pieces, and you will find the items in pairs. By matching end tables or nightstands, or two sofas and a set of chairs in the seating area, traditional styled furniture achieves a visually appealing sense of harmony and balance. Traditional living room furniture is always coveted by many because of its timeless elements and classic appeal. You can achieve a vintage look by picking the furniture which complements the design but does not entirely match.

If you wish to change the decor of your home into something traditional and sophisticated, keep the above-mentioned points in mind. Select furniture is your one-stop destination to find the best furniture online. Browse the website and find the best traditional living room furniture you want.

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