The evolution of bakers rack

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Baker's rack is a type of furniture with shelves that are made of wrought iron or some other metal. Traditionally the wire shelves were used to help cool a baker's goods such as hot pies. The heat-conducting metal shelving permits the heat to be quickly transferred from the bowl to the shelf. Modern outdoor bakers rack are typically highly ornamental and may include special shelving designed for tasks not related to cooling, such as wine bottle storage. Since the 17th century, baker's racks were a feature in many homes around the world. This multi-tasking storage furniture has gained its name because it has been originally used by bakers. In earlier times, bakers use these racks to cool freshly baked goods. Baker's racks have heat resistant metal that can help the warm baked goods to cool evenly. After cooling, bakers use the racks to let their neighbors preview the goods before selling. These racks are also used to roll dough and store containers of flour, sugar, and other baking needs. 

The modern-day baker's rack may not be used as they once were. Most people do not use the rack to cool pies or homemade bread but they are used as a fashionable home decor furniture to display collections of books, plants, and knick-knacks. Some of thee bakers rack used are understated and simple, adding a touch of elegance to a room. Bakers rack is considered as one of the most versatile accent furniture pieces or storage units available for the home. They are ideal to use for small spaces, rooms with minimal storage. They are a slim and accessible alternative to bulky china hutches or built-in cabinetry.

kitchen bakers rack

Bakers racks come in a variety of types and styles depending on your preference, allowing you to store everything from cereal boxes to small appliances. When choosing a baker’s rack, the most important thing to keep in mind is its use in your home and what your greatest needs are for storage or surface space. If you are looking to store mugs, utensils, hand towels, saucepans, etc. then adding built-in hooks will allow you to do that. If you are looking for a storage solution by using unused corner space then adding corner baker’s rack is perfect for you. In addition to providing shelf and counter space, you can create your mini bar as there are many racks that offer wine glass and bottle storage. The size of the rack ranges from 24-36 inches wide and 60-72 inches high, though larger and smaller styles also exist. The number of shelves will also vary between styles and depending on your preference. Adding kitchen bakers rack will help you store small appliances, dishes, and tall items such as cereal boxes.

Now that we have mentioned the various advantages of adding bakers rack in your home you can decide if they are right for your space.

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