Mission Style Furniture - Here is Why it is So Popular With Any Decor

mission style bedroom furniture modern bathroom cabinets

Mission style bedroom furniture is characterized by straight horizontal and vertical lines, 90-degree angles, and rectangular shapes. First designed in the 19th Century, mission style furniture has maintained its popularity ever since. Following are the reasons why this furniture is so functional and fashionable:

Known for its squared-heavy look and orientation towards functionality, it is an excellent choice for furniture that is long-lasting and built solid. It's simple, enduring construction from high-quality woods and materials made in a superior fashion improves the durability and charm of this kind of furniture.

Mission furniture is available today in several pieces. Mostly, it is carved of oak and has a conventional design to accommodate the bungalow style home environment. While decorating around the mission style furniture, concentrate on its functionality - keep the walls plain and floor polished or with a very basic carpet. The best thing about the mission style of furniture is that it lasts for years from a college dorm to a retirement home. If cared for appropriately, this furniture will look as new for decades.

mission style bedroom furniture

It is conventionally colored with a medium to a dark stain, and due to its material and color, it is best suited for more extensive and more spacious rooms. When purchasing mission style bedroom furniture, look for the quality of artistry, authenticity of the model, and reputation of the builder/seller. The best kind of furniture is designed using native American oak with unveiled joinery and upholstery made of natural materials like leather and canvas. The quintessential mission style highlights open vertical slats. The openness of this design keeps this furniture from looking cumbersome.

Seating, shelving, and storage are three vital components of mission style decor. To get that mission style, luxurious look, incorporate larger, heavier pieces such as modern bedroom cabinets or buffet to help anchor the room. Many missions styled furnishing are also fitted into the walls, such as bookcases, stained glass panels, and benches. For getting that sophisticated design, let the original woodwork such as fireplace surrounds, wall paneling, and newel posts show up.

To put it simply, this kind of furniture is built to last for a lifetime, and so it is incredibly unyielding. It efficiently sustains the heavy wear of life in apartment halls. In any given institutional setting, this furniture can take a beating. Its sturdy look dignifies its surroundings and presents a subtle sense of style to any environment.

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