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Drafting chairs are a must-have for those working as an architect, engineer, or in any other design field. But do you know, these modern drafting chairs have other applications too?

Today, almost all corporates have drafting chairs to provide optimum relaxation to employees. 

During this work-from-home period, many offices sent drafting chairs and desks to their employees’ homes so that they could work conveniently. And why not? After all, when you work comfortably, you are sure to deliver excellent performance. So whether you are a writer, a fashion designer, or a financial analyst, owning a drafting chair for the work-from-home task will surely make a huge difference. Here are some pointers to help you better understand the importance of these chairs:

  • Drafting chairs are designed to be able to adjust to the height of the tables. These have a seat at an angle that grants the user a better view and smoothly reaches all the parts of the table. 
  • Almost all the adjusting drafting chairs have a built-in footrest or a foot-ring rendering the required comfort to the user. The conventional chairs that you’ve at home don’t have a footing. And if you sit with dangling legs for a long time, it would cause distress, numbness, and possible circulation problem.  
  • The primary advantage of an ergonomic drafting chair is its design that has unique features offering more support for long-term use. It also lessens the pain that can otherwise occur from prolonged sitting on a non-ergonomic drafting chair.

Here’s what to look for while purchasing drafting chairs: 

  1. Easy Adjustability

The most significant characteristic of the drafting chair is its ability to adjust. In order to find a perfect fit for your body type and posture, it is crucial that the chair can be adjusted effortlessly. Some ergonomic chairs aren’t that simple to adjust. This is because their drafting is too hard to change. So ensure that you sit on the chair and check for yourself how resilient the chair is.  

  1. Sturdy base

High-quality modern drafting chairs usually have a solid base. Check for the chairs that are robust and have lasting endurance for more extended usage. Ensure that the footrest is sturdy and does not give away when in use. You should be able to pull up the chair, swivel around and wheel over comfortably. 

  1. Good cushioning

Adjusting drafting chairs have abundant cushioning on the seat to sustain the weight of the person sitting, on end to render support to the knees, and on the curve for supporting your back. Chairs must have adequate cushioning to prevent the buttocks and lower back muscles from going sore. The extra padding should allow you to work pleasantly without feeling numb while working. 


Look for ergonomic drafting chairs with more adjustments to suit your requirements, such as the back height, back angle, and seat angle. Note that ergonomic drafting chairs are a little expensive than your usual chairs. So, set a budget, visit selectfurniturestore, and browse through our wide range of ergonomic drafting chairs. We’re sure you’ll find befitting your needs.


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